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The most direct route to happiness is in service to others

AsmeMy first realization that there was something more than what I could see began when I was a three year old child. At home I was allowed to be curious and open about any spiritual encounters. When I was 12 years old I began doing yoga and meditation. This led me to be aware of other people’s thoughts and gave me the ability to predict some events.

Since then it has been an amazing journey of self-exploration, realization and self-healing. I have gathered and incorporated my own technique by incorporating pieces of many practices and many teachers. My journey officially began with meditation and powerful breathing techniques in which I learned to align my soul with Divine Energy. This helped me to get deeper into myself and connect to my own energies. Throughout my path I found wonderful teachers who taught me how to increase my awareness, elevate my energetic vibration and raise consciousness. I have been pulled into Access Consciousness, Quantum Touch, The Reconnection and Reiki. I learned that to trust myself and follow my inner wisdom with confidence is probably the most difficult of all lessons. I believe that once we learn to access our intuition, our lives can be enriched enormously.

I think of myself as a human being who wants to be of service to others – to share with you the gifts of love, healing and light, to give you the power to lift yourself above the level of who you thought you were. I love what I do and I am always looking for new ways to help people become more spiritually connected so that they may experience true freedom and inner power.

My additional passions and interests include meditation, yoga, painting (Arts2gallery @Instagram), designing jewelry (https://RamiJewelry.etsy.com) and playing piano.

We all wait for big changes to take place in our lives, but often it takes just a simple shift or a nudge that can lead us in a new direction. So I kindly nudge you to explore my website and see how the combination of my spirit, my abilities and your willingness can help you to heal your body, mind and soul and bring you to a completely different and better destination.

Degrees and Certifications

#1st International Bestselling Auhtor

Bachelor of Music in Performance

Bachelor of Economics

Usui Shiki Reiki, Level I-II, Dallas, TX, 2011

The Art of Living and Meditation training, Austin, TX, 2012

Quantum Touch Practitioner Training, Level I-II, Dallas, TX 2012

Angel Healing Certification, Dallas, TX, 2013

Access Bars Facilitator Certification, LA, CA 2013

Reconnective Healing Practitioner Training, Houston, TX, 2014

The Reconnection Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ, 2014

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Dallas TX, 2015

Current Memberships

Access Bars Facilitators, Member

Universal Life Church (Minister)

International Natural Healers Association, Member