Dallas - Fort Worth

"Miraculous hands, magical heart, wonderful person…  I was fortunate to have Bars sessions with Rami for 7 days in a row.  The impact it had on me is indescribable!  My life became more meaningful and beautiful, my meditations became deeper, my skin glows and my eyes sparkle!  And the most fascinating thing: I lost all extra pounds!  My coworkers keep asking me what diet I took to have such a dramatic physical change in just one week!  Thank you Rami!"     S.R., Milan, Italy

"I feel myself starting to let go."

"Since you've started working with me, my addictions are going away. I don't crave junk food as much and my cigarettes taste bad."   E., Austin, TX

"Rami is an exceptionally gifted being of light! I have had many great opportunities to witness healing on different levels with her. Rami's abilities are also helping me to learn how to receive. She has taught me that we have to be open to receiving before we can actually receive. Her readings are phenomenal as well! She has the ability to see and feel experiences of the past, present and future. She truly is on her right path and is helping me to find mine."   J.L., Fort Worth, TX

"Rami, your work is really fascinating! The effects it has makes my mind work differently and helps to see a new perspective. It released old patterns and beliefs that were blocking me from getting in touch with heart. I am at peace... It's changing my inner world and my outer world is just following suit. It's amazing!!"

"I feel more centered and calm. I'm letting go and trusting myself. Thank you!"

"I was first introduced to the B.A.R.S by Rami. I have been on a journey of expanding and healing for a few years. Rami approached me with the offer of a B.A.R.S. session. The first session was amazing. The B.A.R.S. process is an energy work that releases ones past emotions, fears and traumatic events. Rami offers her pure heart, unconditional love, gentle touch and is a powerful vessel for the healing energy of the universe and the divine to pass through. I have had the privilege of receiving five sessions of the B.A.R.S. from Rami and each time I am able to see a significant improvement in my outlook, thoughts, interactions, and relationships and over all well being in my day to day life. I look forward to more B.A.R.S. sessions with Rami and recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their quality of life. Thank you Rami."   A., Dallas, TX